Monday, November 21, 2016

Girls' Weekend

Well, now that I have mostly recovered from our girls' weekend, I can finally blog about it! 😁 

The kids and I walked down to the fountain Thursday night to meet them at the parking garage. (Brett was in South Carolina for work for the second time in a week!)

They had invited Erin to come with them, but she was unable to come. So, Tracie printed out a picture of her head and they brought her along on a stick. It was hilarious. We even tucked her in at night! 😂

We ate at Best Italian for supper. The pizza was delicious but I would highly recommend carry out. The service was horrible and we were there forever. At one point the waitress left a pitcher of water on the table across the aisle for us to get our own refills because she didn't want to come back. Seriously!!! The boys were exhausted by the time we left. Luckily, we were all able to cram into Mandy's truck so we didn't have to walk the entire way back home.

Mandy rode along with me to take the kids to school Friday morning. I loved showing her where the kids go to school and some of the other places in town!

Erin rode along, too. 😂

We went to the Apple Barn for breakfast. The food was delicious and they gave us samples of apple fritters, apple muffins and julep. Here's a pic the girls sent me on their way down where the restaurant gave Aimee tons of samples. Sampling is our new favorite thing. 😁

After breakfast, we went to a few boutiques and then to Tanger Outlets. We shopped alllll day. We had so much fun and I have never laughed so much. We all got a lot of Christmas shopping done, too! After shopping, we met Brett and the kids at Timberwood Grill at the Island for supper. We were going to eat at Paula Deen's but found out it is only family style and $22 a plate. Not really in our family food budget! Timberwood Grill was really good. I would highly recommend the pork barbecue nachos. Yum, yum! 

I woke up Saturday morning with a terrible sore throat. Not sure if it was from all the talking and laughing or the 30 degree drop in temperature! We had tickets to go to the LIFT ladies' luncheon at church though, so the show had to go on! The food was all prepared by ladies in the church and it was delicious. A few of us at our table even won door prizes! Then the entertainment began and the only word I have for it is WOW!!! It was the Country Tonite cast singing and playing a wonderful selection of Christmas songs. 

This lady sang my favorite, "Mary, Did You Know?" She was waaaay better than me. I almost feel like I can never sing this song again because she was soooo good! 😂

They included a hilarious skit with this guy, or should I say lady? We had tears in our eyes!

This girl has been performing with Country Tonite for 6 years and is only 16. She just graduated from high school at 16. She was very talented!

They also had a little boy perform who was 11. He was very entertaining. 😊

We had such a fantastic time. I told the girls they are going to have to come back for the next luncheon in January. 😁

Here is Erin enjoying my door prize. 😂

After the luncheon, we walked into Gatlinburg and did some MORE shopping. Mostly we were on a hunt for a bear hat for Sophie and we found one! Apparently it roars, too. Oops! 😂

We then all went to church. The girls all loved it. I am so glad they approve! We went out to dinner at Billy Goat Tavern. We will 100% be returning there. I had the best burger I have ever eaten. I like mine medium rare and not many places can cook it to perfection. They did! 

We came home and talked and talked, since apparently we hadn't talked nonstop for two days😂, and then it was time to say goodbye. 😞 The girls got up early in the morning before we were up. I was soooo sick all day Sunday and spent most of the day sleeping. I'm feeling a lot better now, and hopefully I'll be 100% for Thanksgiving!

Oh, one more thing... Erin stayed behind! Yay! We miss you and love you, Erin!!! 😘😘😘

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